As they sped through a long lane

As they sped through a long lane towards Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe Road, they saw new constructions going up on both sides of the road, tall giant buildings that showed the great affluence and wealth that had suddenly bedevilled the nation.
Within minutes, they got to Tinubu Square and their eyes were dazzled by so many shades of lights – red,
yellow, blue, green, just name it. Thousands of showers went up from the central fountain and came down
with the type of sound that one hears when the first rain hits a roof of corrugated iron sheets. Young teenage lovers were seen sleeping on the green lawns here and there enjoying the cool breeze and the clear moonlight.
“Are we going back now? Lola asked.
Yes, if you have had your fill, he replied.
I am satisfied, it was a lovely ride and I must say
that I have enjoyed every minute of it, she replied in a highly appreciative tone.
I should be more grateful for the special privilege given me and the unique opportunity I have had to take out a beautiful damsel like yourself, Dr Allens said as he looked at those seductive eyes. An infectious smile spread on Lola’s lips and her cool innocent eyes beamed out a radiance that set his nerves on edge.
Lola, if you don’t mind I will call briefly at my place to pick up a journal from my library for tomorrow’s lecture. It won’t take much time, he said.
That should be all right,’ she repied,
She had expected something like this and she had resolved that she would never allow it to happen. She had promised not to agree if Dr Allens ever brought any suggestion that he would take her to his ho use. But now he had suggested it to her and she had accepted without question, even though she would have loved to have said no. That courage to say no,
that effort to express herself precisely, melted before this man for a reason she found difficult to understand. She knew he had a sort of charm that would make a woman do exactly as he ordered. She knew that he was the most dangerous man to be close to a woman except if she had misjudged those physical traits. But her mind had never deceived her before. She had been an accurate judge of men. Her
nerves grew tense and she became as nervous as a child who was about to receive an injection. To be with such an attractive man at evening time was atemptation. To visit his residence at night was even more dangerous. One could not easily predict what one would meet. She tossed this up and down in her mind. If he asks me to come down from the car, should I agree?” she queried herself. One part of her warned her not to agree. But the other told her that such action would be suspicious and for a man who had spent two hours of his precious time to give her a pleasure ride; that would be most unappreciative.
As Lola lifted her head, she discovered that they were no longer in the busy streets on which they were driving earlier. They were now in the heart of a residential area and each house had a large compound
surrounding it. Different smells of flowers went into her nostrils and for a moment, she forgot those questions she was trying to resolve in her mind.

By Isan Lu

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