Cristiano Ronaldo added more claims to him being the best footballer ever yesterday night in the UEFA Champions League. Juventus welcomed Dynamo Kyiv to the Turin arena and the Portuguese used it as an avenue to reach a personal milestone.

57 minutes into the game, Ronaldo tapped in from close range to score his 10th goal of the season, 75th goal since becoming an “Old Lady” and 750th career goal. This brings him seven goals shy from equalling Pele’s 757 official career goals.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo wasn’t the only one creating records and achieving a milestone on the pitch last night. Referee Stephanie Frappat was also writing her name in the history books.

The 36-year-old French referee became the first female referee to oversee a male UEFA Champions League fixture, and she did it in style.

This will not be the first of such kind for her. She also holds the record of being the first female referee in the French Ligue 1, Europa League & UEFA Super Cup.

She indeed is a superwoman and is paving the way for future generations of female referees.

Two legends (Ronaldo & Frappat) making history on the same night and the same pitch. What a coincidence!

By Isan Lu

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